Top 5 Ways to Use Leftover Egg Yolks

When you make only egg white dishes like meringue and pavlova, you generally end up with loads of egg yolks unused. But what do I do with the yolks now? That is the question we will answer for you. There is a lot you can do with them. Firstly, you have to safely (without popping them) separate the yolks using an egg yolk separator and put them in a bowl together to store or cook later.

Ingredients in Egg yolk

The egg yolk is the nutrient house of the egg. It contains zinc, calcium, phosphorus, thiamin, folate, tryptophan, tyrosine, and amino acids, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K. It is enriched with healthy cholesterol and good fat (omega-3). That is why It can provide 55%-65% choline for your daily 2,000 calorie diet.

Health benefits of egg yolk

Egg yolk is called the healing food. It increases dropped cholesterol and prevents heart diseases. A standard size egg can fulfill 62% of every day required calories of a full-grown body. Choline present in yolk builds cell membranes and produces effective brain molecules. Yolks help build muscle and a stronger immune system. Also, eggs are the key element of weight-loss diets. These are some of the benefits of the yolk.

How long can egg yolk be stored in the refrigerator?

The answer is most certainly two days. That goes for the egg Whites as well. But yolk loses the freshness in the refrigerator way before the whites. The elements of nutrients start losing their ratio and soon, it dries out. But to make it last its lifespan in the fridge, you have to take some necessary measures. Firstly, never pop the yolk to store; it will lose texture even faster. Let it stay in the membrane. Then close it off in an airtight box and carefully add cold water. In the cold water, the yolks will remain fresh two stays whole. You can use them any time you like. But freezing egg yolks whole is a bad idea. They attain unusable gelato texture. The tip here is, if you want to store yolk for a more extended period, you need to whisk the yolk with a bit of salt and corn syrup/sugar and freeze it in an airtight box. This trick should do it for you.

Top 5 ways to use leftover egg yolk

We have already discussed about the ingredients that can be found in egg yolk. We also know the health benefits of egg yolk. Now its the time to know how the leftover egg yolk can be used. There are so many ways of utilizing the leftover. Here, we have discussed the top five ways to use leftover egg yolk. 

Classic creme brulee:

Creme brulee is one of the most delicious yet super easy-to-make desserts there has ever been invented. And definitely, it is the best way to use up the leftover yolks. All you need egg yolk, heavy cream, salt, vanilla and sugar. The perfect ratio is considered to be 3 cup cream to five yolks with sugar as per the cook’s taste. But many chefs established that one tablespoon of sugar, one medium egg yolk, for one cup of cream makes the perfect Brulee for one. So the choice is yours.

At first, you have to take a pan and stir the cream and salt in it on low flame until finely incorporated. Take it off the stove, then add the vanilla and set it aside. Now whisk the sugar and egg yolks slowly so that it does not bubble up. So you might need to avoid the electric egg beater here. When the sugar is completely dissolved with yolk, add to the warm cream mixture and stir it well. Fill the ramekins with the mixture and place them in the water bath in an oven-proof pan. Use boiling water about to halfway high as the ramekins and put them in the 325°F preheated oven for 30 minutes and your Brulee is ready. Let it cool in the fridge for about 4 hours before caramelizing the sugar on the top for perfect results.


It takes 10 minutes to make mayonnaise at home. And its recipe requires a minimal amount of ingredients. That is why it is one of the ideal ways to use up the leftover yolks. All you need is the yolk, dry mustard, lemon juice, salt, vegetable oil, vinegar and sugar. The making process is so easy that you can start wondering why you were even using store-bought ones. You don’t even need to wait to collect leftovers. Just separate the whites with an egg white separator, set it aside and use the yolks. This recipe is worth it.

So first, you have to whisk the yolk, salt and mustard. After it is completely incorporated, add the lemon and vinegar and whisk again. When you have a fine creamy mixture, start adding the pill gradually in drops while continually whisking. Keep at it and in the end, when everything is well-whisked and all ingredients incorporated, you will have your off-white, shiny and tasty mayonnaise. You can add sugar at the last part to have that excellent mayonnaise taste. That is how easy it is to prepare mayonnaise from leftover egg yolks.

Egg yolk noodles

Egg yolk noodles are healthier and tastier and very easy to make. If you have flour (all-purpose), leftover yolk, salt and baking powder, you can easily make the noodles at home. You can also add a whole egg to have a better noodles texture.

You first have to sift flour, baking powder and salt using a sieve into a bowl for the noodles. Add the water and yolk and make a dough. Then roll it into a flat sheet on a floured table using a roller. Now cut the sheet into noodle strings or just run it through the Noodle maker. And you are done. Leave the noodle out hanging or in a dry towel for 3 hours and it is ready to go in the boiling water. Add some seasoning and spaghetti sauce and you have a healthy dinner for your entire family from just leftover egg yolks.

Salad topping

This might be the most convenient of all the other ways to use leftover egg yolks. You can make an omelet or scramble the yolks or even toss it in the egg cooker and add it to your salad. You can also bake the whole egg yolk in the oven for a few minutes and get yolk drops with cheese texture that you can grate on your salad as well. So you can make different sorts of toppings from the egg yolk just as easy and will not have to waste the leftovers.

You can coddle the egg yolks in the egg coddler and add them to your salad. These egg recipes can be used as side dishes for your meals as well. Either way, it is great to use up the yolks. You will not have to go out of your regular ways in the kitchen and bring out the other equipment to make something new. It is just an addition to your regular meal. Any egg yolk meal is high in nutrition and taste.

Making Custard

Store-bought custard powder is the usual choice for making custard. But do you know you can make custard from scratch just as easily without that mass-produced canned powder product? Yes, you certainly can. And all you need is the leftover egg yolk that might be just sitting in your kitchen. from kids to adults; everyone loves custard. It requires egg yolks, three egg yolks, half-liter heavy cream, vanilla extract and sugar as per taste.

Now how to make the custard? EASY! Add the yolk to heavy cream and mix it well in a pan. Make sure the egg and the cream are at room temperature. Then put it on the stove on low flame and keep stirring. Add the sugar and vanilla, then stir until dissolved. Let it cool down and you got yourself the perfect homemade custard. Add some fruits and enjoy.


Egg yolks can provide you every nutrient to live a healthy life. So throwing it out is never an option for a smart cook where you can do so much more. There are many other ways you can use up your leftover yolks other than the mentioned ones. Like, you can make Cookies, buns, just yolk omelet and scrambled, yellow cake, lemon bars, etc. Egg yolk and lemon-flavored dessert items are very popular in the kitchen. So using egg whites and yolks separately can get you more delicious foods than ever. These mentioned ways are a must-try for you as you know the top ways to use leftover egg yolks.

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