How to use an egg coddler?

Kitchen gadgets make your experience in the kitchen more effective, Faster and fun. An egg coddler is no different. It saves you loads of time and delivers perfect coddled eggs every time. Egg coddlers are very old-fashioned pieces of kitchen tools, but yet it is used by food makers just as significantly. If you are relatively new to the product, then wondering how it works is usual. And we are here to answer that question for you. So, let’s delay no more and get into how to use an egg coddler.

What is an egg coddler?

But first, we need to know what an egg coddler actually is. Well, it is cookware made of porcelain or ceramic clay (pottery). It was used in England as a fancy kitchen tool in the early 1900s. But nowadays, its popularity is spread worldwide and many glass and ceramic companies are spontaneously manufacturing these. Egg coddlers are ceramic cups with lids that can cook an egg slowly than a boiled egg without contacting the water. The specialty of this tool is to make a perfect seasoned coddled egg for breakfast, lunch, Supper and any other meantime without meaning any mess in the water or boiling and peeling an entire egg.

Why should you have an egg coddler?

The design of this tool is made explicitly for the user’s ease of cooking eggs conveniently. All you have to do is- butter the inside of it and break in some eggs and put it halfway in the boiling water for a certain amount of time and you will get your perfectly coddled egg without using any other dishes or making any mess. Another reason for using egg coddler is to add any time of seasoning and ingredients you wish to. You can add ham, shredded cheese, spam, chicken bits, herbs; in short, anything you like with your coddled egg. If you poach the eggs or boil them, you will not have this option. So it is better to use egg coddlers.

How to USE an EGG Coddler?

The functions of an egg coddler are very basic. It’s so simple that you do not need to be a professional chef to operate. A cook of any level can handle it quite steadily. That is why it is ideal for any kitchen. So without further ado, let’s see step by step how the coddlers function.

Step one: firstly, you have to thoroughly clean the inside of the cup and then butter it with a kitchen towel or better non-stick oil spray. It is to prevent the egg from sticking to the walls inside and help remove the cooked egg from the coddler without any wastage of egg. Meanwhile, boil half a pan of water on the stove.

Step two: crack open one or two eggs in the cup and add condiments and seasoning. Or, if you wish to make the ganache, put in those ingredients proportionately with the coddler size and give it a nice swirl with a spoon without popping the egg yolks. Now Close the lid with one twist by the rim.

Step three: it is time to place the egg coddler in the boiling water. Carefully place the toddler in the water. Make sure that the water rises to only half of the porcelain cup. Now let it cook for 5-8 minutes, depending on how much runny you want your coddled eggs to be—5.5minutes for soft egg whites and runny yolk to 8 minutes for the soft yolk. Anyhow, you want it. The heat from the boiling water makes its way through the porcelain body to the egg inside and gradually cooks it from bottom to top.

Step four: Now that the egg is cooked, you have to turn off the stove and carefully remove the porcelain pot from the hot water by the hook it comes with and Place it on a kitchen towel. Use oven mitts or heat-protective gloves to twist the rim to open it. You eat the front cup directly by scooping it with a spoon after the coddler cools down or sliding it into your plate. Either way, you got your coddled egg.

Tips and tricks

  • Add cream and parsley with other seasonings, shimmer it for five and a half or six whole minutes and you got yourself a delicious toast dip.
  • Use cooked/sauteed chicken, shrimps, ham and spam in the coddler.
  • Increase the cooking time for harder or thicker yolk consistency. Or decrease the time for runnier whites.
  • Use a whisked egg for a fine scrambled-style coddled egg.
  • Lose the yolks using an egg separator and cook only the whites for only protein diet


There is nothing called being too careful in the kitchen. While using this particular tool, you need to be cautious. You should never touch the hot porcelain body without the heat-protective gloves, even while removing it by its hook. Also, please do not put it on any hard surface like the kitchen counter or plate right out of boiling water. Let it rest on a kitchen towel or regular towel for a while. Another thing you should be careful about is that you should never use it in the microwave. The microwave heat directly into the porcelain body might lead to a crack.

How is an egg coddler different from an egg cooker?

Egg cookers are machines that can boil, poach and sometimes, scrabble an egg easily. They can cook 6 to 10 eggs at a time, depending on the size of the cooker. It uses water vapor to cook the eggs that come from the hot plate installed. These advanced kitchen tools are similar to egg steamers. On the other hand, egg coddlers are mainstream yet fancy ceramic egg coddling tools. A standard size coddler can cook up to two eggs together. It cooks eggs slower and uses water boiling heat to cook the eggs. This is what makes the two tools different.

What are some of the alternative Uses of an egg coddler?

If you think egg coddler can only coddle eggs for you, that is where you are wrong. It is, in fact, a multi-purpose gadget. You can make ganache or chocolate fondue in the coddler cup as easily. You just need to put chocolate chips and cream in the butter coddler and shimmer in the warm water. You can also save condiments in the lidded cups when not using or carrying purposes for a picnic or long road trips. And as usual, the most important role of all, It is ideal for making perfect coddled eggs. So these are some of the uses of the tool. But as a cook, your creativity Can always exceed the limits of typical ideas and bring the egg coddler to further different uses.

Bottom line

So now you know how to use the egg coddler elaborately. You just need to butter the inside, crack some eggs in, add seasoning, put the lid on and let it sit in the boiling water for a while and you are done. But there are some things you might need to keep in mind. Like, always use the freshest eggs from the market for coddling eggs. The protein of the eggs starts disintegrating after a few days, which is bad for the process. Also, it is a must to use the eggs while they are at room temperature. With this bit of information, you now know everything about an egg coddler. If you want a guy for your kitchen, feel free to check out egg coddler buying guides. It will help you figure out the right coddler for your kitchen.

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