Learn to Make Soft Rotis with Rotimatic

Learning to cook is not an easy task at all, no matter if it’s the rice or a Roti. But you can be a great cooker if you can utilize a small portion of the day on a routine basis. But who has that time?

The leisure time after busy working hours is a wonderful opportunity to acquire learning experience for the new cookers. Learn to Make Soft Rotis with Rotimatic and eat it with poached or fried eggs. We have discussed a post on healthy ways to cook eggs in our blog. 

These types of experience are exceptionally important for all types of cookers because it includes the learning of tasting, smelling, touching, seeing, and hearing. These types of leaning can stay for a lifetime. This is why every cooker should take this very seriously. With this tiny preparation, you can use this time to build the skills of cooking, bringing great taste to the foods, and serving of course.

Now that we know, cooking is a great skill to learn and it needs a great effort to be a skilled cooker. However, practising daily will get you the efficiency you need to be a great cooker.

Learn to Make Soft Rotis with Rotimatic

We will today discuss such a cooking method that will be very much important for our life now and in the future as well. But what will be our item of learning? We will make a discussion on how to make a roti using a Rotimatic.

Roti or Ruti is a round flatbread that is made of whole flour which is known as atta, traditionally. It is very popular all over the world, especially in Indian Subcontinents. Atta and water are mixed properly for a dough. It can be served with many things but curry is very common.

We will explore the process of making Roti using a Rotimatic today. We will go following several steps that will help us understand the making of Roti very clearly.

Before you can start making Roti with a Rotimatic, you will need to collect the ingredients. Planning and making the list should be a great step.

How to learn and make a roti using a Rotimatic?

First, we will learn about Rotimatic. It is a fully automated machine for making Rotis and world’s first of its type. It is a fully integrated machine that mixes, cooks, and puffs. All of course in one machine without any mess! You just have to load your flour, select your settings and then wait for a signal to see it prepared.

Okay, guys! Winter has approached. Having Roti with beef bhuna is an excellent choice, right?

Using a Rotimatic, roti can be prepared very easily. It has become a child’s play for making Rotis. When the traditional method is very difficult to make a roti round-shaped, perfectly puffed, and soft, Rotmatic is different in this case. You can have a perfectly made roti by using a Rotimatic. However, you have to choose the ingredients and follow some important steps carefully to be a perfect roti maker.

Before you put the flour in a Rotimatic, be sure you are using the flour and the setup that is recommended. You must select the correct name of the atta which is used to make the rotis. So, the first step should be the correct flour and selecting the correct option from the setting. Putting one type and selecting different type of the options can ruin the rotis which you are trying to make using the Rotimatic. To make the rotis soft and perfectly puffed, it is very important to follow the rule.

Following these steps, you will be able to make the rotis soft if you are using a Rotimatic. However, you can make the rotis softer if you want. Using lukewarm water is one way. Add this water in the water container of the Rotimatic while making rotis. Many Rotimatic owners have suggested this method. Another way is by adding one tablespoon of powder of milk in the flour container. It will make the rotis softer too.

So, you have successfully made the rotis. But the next concern is, how do you store it so that it can be kept soft for a long period, maybe up to 12 hours? The process is given below.

First, after getting it out from the Rotimatic, place them in a place so that it can be cool properly. Second, take a casserole. Now, take a cotton cloth and place it all over the casserole. Third, place the rotis on a cotton cloth and keep it in the casserole. Now, close the casserole lid and keep it in a place. Leave it till the time you want to eat next. This will keep the rotis soft upto 2 hours.

Best Rotimatic Review

To write this article, I have tried Rotimatic for several times. I made rotis for several times. One thing first came into my mind, what an excellent machine it is! You can have everything done automatically within a very short period and have your rotis ready. Who will not like this type of products that can make your life very easy, especially for them who eat rotis every single day? Especially in the Indian subcontinents, rotis are eaten by almost everyone every day.

So, it was very easy for a person like me who never made a roti before. I just added water in the water container, and flour in the container. And then I set up the options which were the selection of the number of rotis and the type of flour I am using. Then it did everything for me within minutes.

So, how many rotis you can make with a Rotimatic? It’s unlimited. However, you need to refill the containers after 10-12 rotis are made in each batch. And you can continue like this.

Bottom Line

By this way, learn to make rotis with rotimatic is actually easy. As I said in the starting, cooking can take a good amount of time to be learnt perfectly. But if you can practice it in a small portion of the day regularly, it will be easier for you. And for making rotis, it’s easier if a Rotimatic is with you.

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