How Long Does an Egg Salad Last? Storing and Freezing Tips

Among many easy-to-make salads are Potato salad, Tuna Salad, and Egg salad. And Egg salads are infamous to go bad relatively fast. This article hopes to help to get around this issue by telling how long Egg salad lasts. And show signs to tell when to toss the salad.

Basic of Making Egg Salad

First, roughly one and a half or two boiled eggs per person are needed. Boiling the eggs traditional with water will do just fine. But to make the egg white tender and the yolk creamier, an egg steamer is a must. After peeling the eggs, they have to be chopped. Now is a good time to chop some red onions as well. Whisk the salad dressing together in a mixing bowl. Ingredients generally include mayonnaise, mustard, salt, and pepper. But Greek Yogurt can be used instead of mayonnaise in this recipe. Put the chopped eggs in the salad dressing and mix well. A traditional egg salad is prepared just like that.

How Long Does an Egg Salad Last?

There are different opinions on how long egg salad stay well that can be eaten. There are different ways that can be applied to keep it good. However, the salad reacts to temperature changes. We have explained the facts below. 

How Long Does Egg Salad Last in Room Temperature?

It is often recommended not to eat egg salad kept at room temperature longer than two hours. Bacteria grow fast, and we already discussed how egg salad is more susceptible to it already. However, there are some solutions out there to keep the salad fresh for more than a couple of hours. There is always an option to store the salad in airbags. Also, there are insulated boxes to keep food fresh for hours. Throw in a couple of ice packs in there, and it’ll keep the temperature cool in the container. It is preventing the Bacteria from infesting the egg salad.

How Long Does Egg Salad Last Inside a Refrigerator?

The exact answer to that question depends very much on the storage solution. The cold temperature will slow down the spoiling process of the salad. So, store it in cold storage as soon as possible. Refrigerate egg salad within two hours of preparing or purchasing. It is preferable to use airtight containers. If stored properly, egg salad can stay edible for up to three to five days. Also, egg salad made with mayonnaise may last a bit lesser than that prepared with Greek Yogurt. So, that being said, even if stored ideally, please don’t eat the salad after five days.

How to Properly Store Egg Salad and Make it Last?

The obvious thing to do is to keep it in the fridge. As soon as the salad is made, store it in an airbag and throw it in cold storage. Make sure the container has a lid. Otherwise, the salad will go bad, leaving a horrible odor inside the refrigerator. Another trick is to include lemon juice or vinegar in the salad recipe to maximize its shelf life. Also, if the salad is used for making sandwiches, the sandwiches themselves have to be wrapped in aluminum foil before storing or taking them for picnics.

Can I Freeze an Egg Salad?

No, you can’t. Or even if possible, it is not recommended. Why not? Because the optimal temperature to store Egg salad is less than 40 °F. And freezing the salad would ruin its taste.

Furthermore, when trying to unfreeze, the salad, known as the thawing process, will have to be placed near a heat source. Bacteria will eventually grow on that salad. That will make the salad go bad. So, there’s no point in freezing an Egg salad. Instead, store it at the recommended temperature. Always keep the salad in the fridge, not in the freezer.

Why Egg Salad Tends to Go Bad Faster Than Other Foods?

The short and precise answer is, like many other prepared foods, Bacteria Contaminations. Not contain the salad in the refrigerator within 2 hours is asking for trouble. The ingredients in egg salad are a suited target for the Bacteria even in room temperatures between 40 °F and 140 °F. Also, egg salad tends to hold the moisture for a much more extended period than other salads of a similar kind. Because the white of the boiled eggs are smooth surfaces and fail to absorb the moisture excess, that’s why egg salad of all homemade salad is known to go bad faster.

What is the Reason behind Soiled Egg Salad?

Again emphasizing the ingredients used in an egg salad and their susceptibility to Bacteria contamination. A traditional egg salad includes mayonnaise, potato, onion, cucumber, and various other handy vegetables. Bacteria can infest these items and accelerate the spoiling process. Heat can also play a role in ruining a good, edible egg salad as it also facilitates bacteria manifestation. Though there are ways to preserve the salad, many people tend not to pay attention to them much. Adding insult to injury, a regular ‘sniff taste’ will not be enough to tell if the salad has gone spoiled and may need a taste test, which is better avoided as much as possible.

Which Ingredients Play the Major Role?

Compulsory hardboiled egg followed by mayonnaise or Greek Yogurt is the main ingredient in a salad. Ironically, both of these ingredients play a significant role in spoiling the salad if kept at room temperature for a long time. Among other regular inclusions, red onions can hold up for a more extended period. Unfortunately, they can turn pungent with time and give the salad a horrible fume when spoiled. Including items like potatoes and cucumber in the salad, no matter how carefully preserved in the fridge, may cause unwanted moisture to the salad and increase the chance of a ruined egg salad.

How to Tell an Egg Salad is Bad or Spoiled?

The very likely thing is to do the sniff test to see if the salad had gone bad already. But it is not recommended to do so as it’s not a very good indication of the edibility of the salad. There are other ways to check, for example, checking for visible mold in the salad. Even though it’s gross but a little taste test will reveal right up if the salad should be eaten or not. As much as we love our homemade egg salad, a general rule of thumb is not to eat the salad after roughly five days after it’s prepared or unpacked.

Tips for Preserving Your Egg Salad

The best option to not have a ton of spoiled egg salad in the first place is the plan ahead. One and a half egg for every person is a good estimation. No excess salad means no worries about storing the leftovers for later. There is the option to use lemon juice to stop bacteria from growing for at least a few hours. Vinegar is a viable option as well. But adding too much of any may ruin the taste as well. Using an insulating box and maintain the temperature below 40 °F will give egg salads the best chance to stay fresh for 3-5 days.

Bottom Line

So, in short, a fresh egg salad, provided that it is stored properly, will last for 3 to 5 days. The tips mentioned above will extend the shelf-life of the salad. But making food responsibly and planning will be the best option not to waste food and enjoy a fresh meal.