Healthy Ways to Cook Eggs – Everything You Need to Know

Eggs are known as super foods.

They are nutritious. Eggs contain relatively low calories but has high protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fat.

Comparing to the health benefits they offer, they are cheap. Also, cooking of eggs is very easy.

Because we think it’s easy to cook eggs, we sometimes unintentionally ignore some facts that directly or indirectly bring negative effects to the cooked foods. As a result, we lose the health benefits that this super food offer.

In this article, we will explore a number of healthy ways to cook eggs – everything you need to know will bring an impact in the final result and keep all of the nutrition intact.

We will start by the story of Mr. Richard who has been preparing egg dishes for last 20 years. Let’s listen to the story from him.


The Story of Mr. Richard who has been cooking eggs for twenty years

Since 2000 I have been working as a chef in our family restaurant. My wife and I took the initiative back in 95, which became successful in 2000. As cooking was my most fabulous passion, none could question my skills. Moreover, my wife is also good enough at cooking. Apart from parenting, she is also a helping hand for me in the restaurant kitchen. But let me tell you she sucks at eggs.

On the contrary, I am someone who loves eggs, putting it in every dish from spicy to sweet one. I like experimenting with new recipes with eggs, especially. But the dishes with eggs of my restaurant are not getting in any way. Some of them have got bad reviews also. So, I thought of asking my grandma, who is also a cooking expert to know what’s wrong, is that my cooking process or just my luck!

Surprisingly it’s the wrong cooking process I have been following for long 20 years! That’s why no eggy dishes survived on the menu. So, I of thought sharing what the mistake of mine was, so you don’t suffer like me and giving you my grandma’s solution.

What was wrong with my cooking process for long 20 years?

  • Ever since I learned to crack an egg, I snapped it on the side of a bowl that let the eggshells fall into it.
  • Instead of setting the hard-boiled egg in an ice bath to peel the shells, I always waited for the eggs to be cold.
  • I was always into over beating and overcooking the scrambled ones.
  • I didn’t even know that old eggs are not for poaching in any way. In fact, the mature eggs are so much runny!
  • I never refrigerated the egg whites and always seasoned the eggs after cooking
  • Poaching eggs with salt and in oil was a wrong misconception of mine.
  • Most of the time, I didn’t use non-stick pans.
  • Either my pot for cooking eggs were too small or too big.
  • All these pre and post cooking techniques of mine were wrong. If I knew it earlier, both money and time could be saved.

So what should have been the proper process?

  • I should have used the perfect size of pot for cooking so that the egg has enough space to get cooked.
  • Cracking eggs on an unattractive surface so that it’s free of the eggshells and always using a separate bowl before transferring it to the stove or oven.
  • While cooking an omelette, I shouldn’t ever beat them so much
  • Not cooking the scrammed eggs for such a long time
  • Using fresh eggs for poaching, older eggs are so much runny for poached ones.
  • For further use, I should have refrigerated the egg whites
  • Adding up vinegar while poaching, seasoning at the right time, poaching water using a non-stick pan.

The whole world is a fan of eggs more or less. People like my wife hating eggs are less likely to found. I think the above mistakes are some common mistakes that ordinary people have been following. Honestly, my whole cooking career was a lie.

You can justify that the first process that I had been following was wrong. As a chef, even I didn’t know. The solutions in the second part are an absolute correction and clears a direction to the healthy ways to cook eggs. So, what do you think is it right or wrong? I am sure you must agree with me.

Now that we know a good practice of cooking eggs can help you keep the nutrition intact. But, what about other mistakes that are made too. In the next part of this article, we cover some common mistakes of egg cooking; that will allow us to cook it in healthy ways. 

Some common mistakes we make while cooking an egg in a healthy way.

Using High Heat

Usually, the eggs cook very quickly, so the temperature of the stove is never kept high while the eggs are cooked. If you cook it at high temperatures, it can completely ruin both its nutritional value and taste. The best way is to preheat the pan to a medium temperature, then add the eggs and reduce the oven temperature to low to finish cooking.

Keep Eggs in Hot Water

Never add eggs to boiling water to cook. Eggs will be lost as your fingers burn in it. The best way is to keep the eggs in cold water first and then boil them. Turn off the heat at the end of the boiling and keep the eggs in hot water for 10 minutes. After you put the eggs in hot water you can separate the egg yolk.

Using Cast-Iron Skillet Pan

If you want to cook scrambled eggs, never use a cast-iron skillet pan. Many people make the mistake of using a cast-iron skillet pan to cook scrambled eggs, which results in the eggs being stuck in the pan and becoming too sticky. You can use a nonstick pan for cooking scrambled eggs as it helps avoid waste.

Using Old Eggs

When an egg gets older it becomes more white and is less viscosity. If you use old eggs for poaching, the white parts are dispersed in water and separate on the striking strands. Therefore, fresh eggs should always be used for poaching.

Over Salt

It’s one of the most common mistakes we often do. You may mistakenly consume excess salt in the eggs which turns into an inexpressible food. Therefore, when cooking eggs, one must be careful about giving salt and use salt to taste.


A mistake can be made in the very beginning and may keep us away from the healthy ways to cook eggs if wrong eggs are collected from the market. So, collecting fresh eggs have the topmost importance in delivering nutritious food. We will explore a few points on collecting fresh eggs from the market. 

Healthy Ways to Cook Eggs – Everything You Need to Know

Now, we will review some classic methods of cooking eggs. These methods have been marked as the healthy ways to cook eggs in household and in the restaurants as well. 


Eggs are called the powerhouse of protein, nutrients, and vitamins. Eggs are also inexpensive. For a bachelor, the egg is the main effortless and time-saving item.

For boiling eggs, you have to start by filling a large pot with enough water so that the water could fill the egg correctly. You can cook as many eggs you want at once; there is no limit to that. Then you have to place the water over a stove or heater as you desired. And carefully place the eggs into the water. You also have to raise the heat. You have to make sure that water doesn’t bubble too much, that will crack the eggshell.

It usually takes 7-12 minutes for boiling eggs, but it also varies what type of boiled eggs you want. Like, for the soft, liquid yolk, it takes 7 minutes. For soft but not liquid yolk, it takes 8 minutes. For enough cooked egg, it generally takes 10 minutes. And lastly, if you want hard-boiled eggs, it will take a minimum of 12 minutes. You can also boil eggs through different methods like steaming, by using a pressure cooker or also by baking.

Now, you have to place the boiling eggs under cold water to cool. Peel the boiled eggs, and it is ready to eat. You can eat the boiled eggs by adding salt.

The difficulty of boiling an egg is that, don’t just throw eggs into cold water. Sudden change will affect the egg, and it will also crack the eggshell. Thus, that’s how you could boil eggs.


For poaching eggs, you need water, vinegar, and eggs.

First, you have to use a pan and put 2 inches of water on it. Then you have to add one tablespoon of vinegar on it and mix it with the water with a spoon. Vinegar will help to keep the eggs white part from spreading. Next, get a bowl and crack the egg carefully in the pot and also check if there is any egg crack shell in it. Further, you have to put the eggs on the vinegar mixed pan one at a time. Now cover the pan with the pan cover and turn off the heat for 4-5 minutes. The perfect poaching egg depends on the weather. A normal gentle heat will give the eggs an entirely white and loose half liquid yolk. After 4-5 minutes, the center of the egg will slightly runny but also somewhat stable type. It’s a personal preference of what kind of poached egg you want. Now, remove the egg from the hot vinegar mixed water using a spoon. Also, place it on a paper towel so that it could absorb the extra water of that poached egg.

Now the poached egg is ready to serve. You can eat this poached egg with salt, or some sauce. The poached egg will taste like the same as a soft-boiled egg just with the liquid yolk.

The benefit of poaching egg upon health is that it reduces excess calories and fat.

Poaching is the one of the healthy ways to cook eggs for eating. A poacher is recommended for poaching an egg. We have reviewed the best electric egg poachers available in the market. 

The main difficulty of poaching egg is that it is better to poach one egg at a time. If you steal more than one in a pan, it will spread and thin the eggs white soft layer and sometimes also the yolk.


Crack the egg into individual bowls. This process will help you to check if eggs crack the shell and do not break the yolk. Now check whether the butter is melted and also heated. Now add the side of the egg by hand in the pan. After a minute, cover the pan and put the flame into low temperature. Cook the eggs until the white edges of eggs turn entirely white. For perfect fried eggs, wait 4 minutes. Now uncover the pan cover. Now it is ready to eat. For the harder egg, you can also cover the pan for 1-2 minutes more. Now pick up the egg out of the pan with the help of a spatula. While picking up, make sure that the egg does not get cracked.

Now add some salt and pepper at the top of the egg and enjoy the meal. It will give you fantastic taste when the egg is tasted.

But the difficulty of fried egg is that, when you crack the egg on the pan, yolk could get separated. It will ruin the fried egg, and this fried egg will not look good.SO, stay alert while doing that.


Baked eggs are also called shirred eggs. For the cooked egg, you have to preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Now, use a cup muffin pan and put some butter on the muffin cup. Then crack each egg in each muffin cup. According to your choice, add some ingredients like chopped ham or green onion, but salt and pepper is necessary for taste. You can also add a slice of cheese. It will increase the flavor more.
Now bake 10-12 minutes. After 10-12 minutes, the yolks white part will wholly set, and eggs will be thick and ready to serve.

For better taste, serve immediately after baked. You can sprinkle some herbs on it.

The baked egg will taste like liquid yolk with a little crunchy type white edge.

There are not many difficulties in it. But remember to preheat the oven. If you don’t preheat the oven, the eggs white edge will get crunchy but will not cook.


Scrambled egg is my favorite among different methods of cooking eggs. For a scrambled egg, you will need milk, salt, pepper, and eggs.

Now put the four items in a bowl and mix it until it blended. Then, put a nonstick pan over a stove until it gets hot. Add some butter on the container & wait until it melts. Put the egg mixture over the pan. While eggs are going to set, lightly pull the eggs, cover the pan with a spatula. If you want larger curd, wait 2-3 minutes. And also, for smaller curds, stir quickly. For the better-scrambled egg, you need to continue stirring until the pan isn’t liquid because of the egg. But you have to stop shaking before the egg gets dry. Now it is ready to serve.

But there is a thing that, 1-2 minutes after putting the eggs on the pan, you can add some ingredients according to your wishes like chopped ham or onions or herbs. But another thing, you have to make sure that whatever ingredients you are using, make sure that they are fully cooked.

A scrambled egg will taste like a milky white creamy egg, full of taste and with health beneficial.
The difficulty you may face while scrambling is that you will not understand the time of stirring eggs. For this problem, you need practice.


Omelet is the easiest and life-saving friend among different methods of cooking eggs if you know nothing about cooking. For making an omelet, you will need eggs, butter, salt, pepper, and water.

Beat the ingredients carefully until it gets thoroughly blended. Now, put some butter on the pan and place it over the stove over medium temperature until it gets hot. When it gets hot, pour the egg mixture. The egg mixture will set immediately. Now continue cooking for 4-5 minutes. Once the bottom of the pan is no longer visible, it means the egg is thickened, and there is no visible liquid egg on the container. Then you have to fold the omelet in half part — Cook for 2 minutes. Now again, turn over the egg with the help of a spatula. Now serve it on a plate and enjoy it while it is hot. It will taste better.

You can add ham, opinion on the mixture of the egg. But I prefer omelet without ingredients. I think the scrambled egg is better with ingredients. For perfect omelet, use one egg on a pan at a time and also a half a cup of omelet mixture per food.

Lastly, it is fantastic to eat at breakfast with bread. You can also eat in the evening as a snack.


For the microwaved egg, you will need a pinch of salt and egg.

With the help of cooking spray, spray some vegetable oil over the muffin cup. Now, sprinkle some salt on the bottom of the muffin cup.

It’s time to break an egg on the muffin cup and spilled the white part and yolk with the help of a fork for 5-6 times and also covered it up with a muffin cup cover and place it on the microwave.

If you want a medium microwaved egg, it will take around 1 minute or less over 505% power of the microwave. Also, if you wish to soft microwaved egg, it will take 30 seconds with 100% microwave power. Time and taste depend on your choice. Now it is ready to eat. You can take it with any sausage. It will increase your feeling. Cooking time also varies if you cook more than one egg at a time.

One method you can use is that for lower wattage, increase time and for higher wattage decrease time.
One thing always remember that always use a microwave-safe container whenever you use the microwave. Never cook an egg with eggshell; it will create explosion.


Nutrients in Food are Easily Digestible When They are Cooked.

Eggs can be eaten safely while they are well cooked. It also makes it more nutritious and more digestible.

As an example, we can mention the name of proteins here.

According to research, it is said that eggs are more digestible when it is heated. 
According to Healthline, it is found in recent research that 91% of the protein in cooked eggs are used by the human body.

The heat causes changes in the structure of the egg proteins. It further brings changes in digestibility.

Raw eggs consist of large protein compounds. These are separated from each other. Eggs are considered a good root of biotin. It is a prime nutrient in fat and sugar metabolism. It is also addressed as vitamin B7 or vitamin H (Healthline).

In raw eggs, a protein in the whites known as avidin secure to biotin, making it not enough for the body to operate.

The proteins in cooked eggs are more digestible. It also enables the biotin to be the most available element to the human body to use.

In Conclusion

The purpose of creating this post named healthy ways to cook eggs was to gather all the facts and information that serves everything you need to know to prepare healthy egg foods. This is how you should cook eggs to make them super healthy.