How to Feed Egg Yolk to Baby?

It is no surprise that a baby’s digestion system is delicate and not everything they can process. So, wondering about whether egg yolk would be the right food for them is usual. The yolk is actually very nutritious for them. It has all the nutrition for helping healthy growth. This is why many parents even consider egg yolk to be the first food of their baby. Now we just have to know which way to feed babies egg yolks safely.

How to cook egg yolk to feed a baby?

There are a lot of diverse phases in a baby’s diet changes over time. First six months, their only food needs to be breast milk. That is all they need. From 6 months, they can eat other food but food that doesn’t require chewing. Thus puree, juices, and baby food are introduced to them for easy digestion. But for solid food, they are not ready before nine months have passed. So, if you want to feed your baby egg yolk, there are a few different ways you can do it according to their eating phase. Let’s jump right into it.

01. Soft Boiled (runny or very soft yolk):

If you are sold on egg yolk benefits and want it to be your child’s first food, soft boiled runny yolk is your best choice. Babies are allowed to have food supplements after the age of six months. So, they need to be presented with food that is easy to swallow, high in nutrition and chewing not required.

You must understand that egg yolk can carry pathogens (like Salmonella bacteria) and cooking Eggs properly eliminates them and keeps only good nutrients. So, to make it safe for your baby, you need to cook the egg accordingly.

you should take an egg and place it in the boiling pan bottom and then fill it with water. You must make sure; the water level is an inch above the egg. Let it boil in high heat for about 4minutes and 30 seconds. This process will kill the harmful substances and allow you to have the perfect egg yolk consistency for your baby; soft and runny.

It is feeding time now. Separate the egg whites carefully; there should not be any white part left, only yolk. You can easily feed a spoonful of it to your little one. Babies, new to food, are always excited to try new food. So, it should not be any trouble for you.

02. Medium-rare boiled/scrambles:

For the kids aged nine months, their food tolerance enhances and their teeth almost completely develop for chewing. Therefore, they are ready for hard food finally. At this stage, you can feed them medium-rare boiled eggs and scrambled eggs as well.

Boil the egg in the previous boiling methods but instead of 4.5 minutes, boil the egg for 6-8 minutes on high flame. Then you need to separate the egg whites and feed them in little bites to babies. Scrambled eggs are not hard to make at all. for our purpose here, we only need the yolk. So, you need to separate the yolk with an egg separator and toss it in the pan. It will be best if you stay careful about the heat. It has to be medium to low and scramble the yolk with a spatula until cooked properly. Now it is ready to be fed in small bites after cooling off a bit.

03. Hard-boiled/finger food:

For babies over 15 months, hard-boiled egg and yolk-made finger food are appropriate. how you can feed them is the catch here. At this age, a kid’s stomach is actually ready for complex solid food. And they like to grab and eat their own food. So, providing them the food in a convenient size which also tastes good is the trick for you. Boiling the egg for 10mins will get you a hard-boiled egg. Then you can separate the egg white and serve it. And on the other hand, finger food is the most fun for the kids to eat. one of the most popular choices for kid’s finger food is beating the yolk with an egg beater, then cooking it plain omelet style and cutting them up in long stick pieces. Babies love finger foods which makes this method perfect.

Different tips and tricks to feed egg yolk to baby

Some tricks can help feed your baby yolks. In the case of soft-boiled eggs, grated frozen liver (frozen for at least 14 days) is a great addition. It enhances taste and lever is also a very popular choice for a first food.

Adding salt and mild spices helps grow their appetite for egg yolks. So, you may need to add in some salt, herbs and sauces while cooking. You can also put in some veggies in there too, for taste and nutrition. It will help if you use a frying pan for eggs. It will save you a lot of prep time.

This trick is for your cooking convenience. Silicone egg poachers are a neat trick for getting the perfect egg yolk done without worrying about the heat or boiling time. You put it in the oven in a poacher and your work is done until It is ready. For cooked yolks (scrambled/plain omelet fry), You can prepare these easily in an electric egg cooker. It would be a handier option for your active life.

How many times should you feed?

For six months old, you should give only a spoonful the first day. Then increase the amount by a spoon every day until the baby’s stomach can handle the whole yolk at a one-time meal. When the food tolerance and digestion system is built up strong, you can feed one egg yolk a day expediently.

Egg Yolk or Egg white? Which one?

For babies, it is definitely egg yolks, not whites. Babies have very small stomachs and filling them with good nutrients is essential. Yolks carry B vitamins, healthy fats, choline, Heme iron and the harder to obtain fat-soluble vitamins A & D. But egg whites have hard-to-digest proteins that only a fully formed stomach can handle. You might point out the cholesterol issue. So, you should know that the cholesterol present in egg yolk is beneficial for babies’ growth and build up their immune system. So, there is nothing to be troubled about.

Bottom Line

So now you know how conveniently you can make your baby eat egg yolks without any trouble. You must note that no food, whether it is egg yolk, meat, or bought-milk, nothing can be used as a substitute for breast milk for the first 1.5 years. Also, you must always pick out Farm fresh, free-range, organic eggs. They are healthier for your family and when it comes to your baby, you can never be too careful. Hence, there you go, you can feed egg yolk to your little ones in the form of soft/rare/hard-boiled, scrambled and finger foods. This super food can also be a great support during pregnancy.